My first product demo!!!

What a great product for my first recipe test! I just loved this product, it was easy, super yummy, healthy and can be made into an abundance of incredible dishes!

Mochi waffle mix, is made by Seth & Drew Carson in Boulder, Colorado.

And..These are just a few of the fabulous ways you can prepare it:


Sprinkle the mix directly on the iron and cook for just a few minutes to your liking.

Here I have prepared some locally grown peach topping.

The peach and waffle flavor combination and texture was perfect! A nice healthy dessert or good way to start your morning.

Then I wanted to go for a more lunchtime meal; vegan grilled cheese, with pear and raspberry preserves.

I made the waffle, added the ingredients and warmed very lightly for 4 to 5 minutes.

Here is the final product and man it was soooooo good. My guests loved it too! I highly recommend Harvest Moon Mochi.

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