Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy early Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mother’s out there!! I thought since it was just about this time of year it would be good opportunity to share some information about something you may not think about a lot. Animal mothers.

I read a statistic one time about how chickens are the world’s most abused animal in the world…. I believe pigs are next then cows. I like to keep things positive on this blog and won’t go into too much detail about how much farm animals can suffer or show the disturbing images that I’ve seen. I do want to bring to light for readers that may not know this is that the way we treat these animals as if they are only an object with no feelings or rights, when there are many options that don’t hurt sentient being is absolutely horrifying. Many times these animals are kept (while alive) in absolutely deplorable conditions. Many people don’t like to think about what happens to them when they’re slaughtered and think it’s quick and painless. Trust me, it’s not. These animals want to live, fight for their lives and suffer very much.


For cow’s to produce milk they must be impregnated (many time artificially, which is also horrifying) and then when their sweet baby is born it is cold-heartedly stripped from them. This causes tremendous grief to both the baby and the mom. How would you feel if this had been done to you or your baby?


Now we have so many great alternatives to dairy with plant-based milks! We don’t have to be part of that process. If you don’t like one milk, then try another. There are some great options and more and more produced each day. You can even make plant based milk on your own!


On the subject of chickens. Did you know that baby male chicks (the ones no one wants because they can’t produce eggs) are immediately ground alive once it’s determined they are males? Disgusting. And that just barely scratches the surface of what these thinking, feeling, sentient beings go through.

Check out all of the great alternatives you can use for eggs in baking:


I feel that breakfast is one of the worst meals for animals. From what I’ve seen in American breakfasts, it’s completely comprised of animal suffering. Butter, Eggs, Cheese, meats of all types. Not only is this way of eating devastating to these animals. It’s also very unhealthy for people and hard on our environment. Diets high in these products have been shown time and time again to cause a variety of cancers, heart disease and other health conditions.

There are so many delicious vegan alternatives for breakfast. First and foremost… I am perfecting a super easy biscuits and gravy recipe and will share soon. Some options for breakfast include; oatmeal, other cereals with plant based milks, fruits, fruit salads, smoothies, tofu scrambles, granola bars, toast with peanut butter or tahini. I even mix things up and sometimes will have a soup or something with beans and tons of greens or a potato hash, I’ve changed the way I view breakfast, they say it’s one of the most important meals of the day, why not start it with something super healthy??

Anyways! Sorry to be a bit of a downer with this post but please consider that animals have families too, they also have family bonds, social structure and are sensitive.

Here is an example of just a few of the great breakfast recipes you can try:

PETA’s Top 10 Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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