Happy New Year! Sharing some of my vegan holiday favorites!!

Hello All! I had a wonderful holiday season with my friends and family! I hope you did as well! I just want to share a few dishes we made on Christmas and show you the delightful presents I got from those that love me the most!


Butternut squash and leek tofu scramble on Christmas morning, find the recipe here:



Field Roast #vegan roast, these are delicious! There are so many new ones coming out each day. Give them a try!


For a list and review of a few other vegan holiday roasts, please check out this article:



An amazing #raw #vegan cranberry relish.


The final relish! Omg, I could eat this all the time! I ate the leftovers for breakfast! 🙂

I highly recommend this, plus it’s incredibly easy!

I just love FullyRaw Kristina and you can find this recipe (and many other amazing ones) here:



Brussel sprouts with dried cranberries and walnuts!


#Vegan Cheesecake!!! Yum!!


My library of vegan cookbooks is getting quite impressive! Thank you friends and family!! 🙂


My first juice in my new juicer! Beet, apple, carrot, celery, lemon and ginger! Delish!!!


Here’s to the New Year!! And to your health!


And finally, I love to give donations as gifts to animal rescues and other charities that desperately need help, I asked for these and also gave donations too! It feels great to give gifts that give back!!


Wishing peace for all beings today and everyday!!

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