Happy Piggies in A Blanket!

I had a delightful time a few weeks ago at the Denver Gala and fundraiser for the Humane League. I donated a few appetizers, they were so delicious I thought I must share them! 🙂


I made Vegan Not-Pigs in a blanket! They are so fun and easy!


And used pretty convenient ingredients; Field Roast is one of my favorite vegan meat alternatives! You could use really any type of vegan sausages or meats!


& Pillsbury Crescent Rolls


Cut in half


Roll up the vegan sausages in their blanket


And cook at 350° for 15 minutes


The final product!! One package of both yields about 12 happy piggies in a blanket. They are great for parties and potlucks! 🙂


I was also delighted to have my logo along with so many other cool local business supporters!


Here we are dressed up to support a great cause! If you would like more info on the Humane League and how to support their great work, you can find them here: http://www.thehumaneleague.com/


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