Use Food As A Force For Good – Eat No Evil Foods!

No Evil Foods is now in Colorado!! Yay!

No Evil Foods is a company based in North Carolina that makes plant-based meats which are so tasty and are in such high demand that they’ve recently expanded throughout the US and now to my home state of Colorado !!!


No Evil Foods (NEF) gives you FIVE amazing plant-based / vegan meats options to choose from:

THE COMRADE CLUCK –  a Plant Meat similar to chicken that is lightly seasoned and excellent in a wide variety of dishes.

THE STALLION-  a traditional sausage (made from plants) with a proprietary blend of rosemary, sweet fennel, thyme and other organic spices.

EL ZAPATISTA – a bold, full-flavored chorizo with an intriguingly perfect blend of spices that will incite a feisty, fiery revolution in your mouth!

PIT BOSS-  a slow smoked BBQ done right: tender, juicy and damn delicious.   Pit Boss is in the house–redefi­ning a Southern tradition with every bite.

THE PARDON – Show your loved ones how delicious plant-based meats really can be during the holidays or eat THE PARDON every day, we won’t judge.


No Evil Foods Plant Meats are 100% plant-based and non-GMO. They harness the protein from beans, wheat berries and yeast and use organic herbs and spices to create flavor. And they do it with super simple ingredients too. They have all the taste and texture you want without any of the things you could live without. Their products are free from cholesterol, saturated fats, GMOs, antibiotics, hormones, soy protein isolates, nitrates and dairy. They are light on the environment and support ethical practices, too. Phew! It’s just damn delicious meat. Period.

They proudly proclaim ‘do no evil’ as their battle cry in the food revolution. Every bite supports their cause: to use food as a force for good. Small batch, sustainable simple and kind. The passion of a home cook, meets the spirit of a revolution. Protein for all!!


How do you cook them? All the Plant Meats are already fully cooked so they’re a snap to use at home. All you have to do is reheat & eat! Poor impulse control? Eat them right out of the package or they’re delicious pan-fried with some healthy fat for 3-5 minutes until warmed through and browned to your liking!

They are also good on pasta, on pizza, on a hoagie or any sandwich, in stir fries, soups, the options are truly endless!!! Get creative in your kitchen and impress your friends and family with the tasty dishes you come up with!

Chorizo_KheemaI spoke with Ryan, a rep from NEF about what he loved about NEF and he told me:

“I personally love many things about No Evil Foods. First and foremost, these Plant Meats are delicious. That is the most important thing. We want people to know that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor, experience, or nutrition to improve your diet in a way that will positively impact yourself, your community, your environment, your planet and its beings.” Pretty cool Ryan!!! We like that!NEF_Packs-6

Some future goals include growing the company in the all regions they currently exist. Rocky Mountains specifically 🙂 A longer term goal is to bring as much of No Evil Foods Plant Meats in as much variety as possible to meet the needs and wants of the ever changing cuisine landscape!

And finally my favorite thing about No Evil Foods is their support of animal charities – they do this through partnerships and donating a portion of their proceeds to support the work of many life saving shelters and sanctuaries.

NEF Logo

Right now, you can find No Evil Foods products at Whole Foods Markets along the Front Range – from Fort Collins south to Colorado Springs (and in more states too) as well as Nooch Denver! 🙂

But if you can’t find them in your community, you can order online on their website and have them shipped straight to you!! You won’t be dissapointed!



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