Are you feeling under the weather?

I avoid being sick¬†most of the winter time, I think I stay so healthy, with a strong immune system thanks to my vegan diet full of fruits and veggies!! ūüôā The¬†crud has been going around my office and in my community in general and I started to feel a¬†touch of sickness coming on¬†so¬†I’ve¬†pulled out my […]

Healthy Plant Based Foods for Dogs

I’ve had a blast the last few weeks learning about and experimenting with healthy plant based recipes for dogs! I bought¬†a fantastic new cookbook called “Plant Based Recipes for Dogs”¬†and am delighted with it! My doggies are too!¬†Plant based foods offer¬†so many health and healing properties¬†for humans; it makes sense that¬†these¬†foods¬†would offer the same¬†benefits to […]

Happy New Year! Sharing some of my vegan holiday favorites!!

Hello¬†All! I had a wonderful holiday season with my friends and family! I hope you did as well! I just want to share a few¬†dishes we made on Christmas and show you the delightful presents I got from those that love me the most! Butternut squash and leek tofu scramble on Christmas morning, find the […]

Merry Christmas! And Vegan Food Gift Ideas

Hello dear friends! It has been a¬†while since¬†I’ve had the chance to¬†get a post up. I’ve had a very busy and productive last few months teaching, working on recipes and working at my day job as well. One of the most exciting and delightfully fun classes I taught recently was a Vegan Food Gifts Class. […]

The Good Karma Diet and Book Giveaway!

For this post I¬†would like share a little bit about my good karma story thanks to my compassionate vegan diet and lifestyle. While there are ups and downs in life, there have been many ups and downs with my vegetarianism and now veganism. I‚Äôve struggled with severe depression about how terribly animals are treated throughout […]

I did it! I am now a certified vegan chef!!

I‚Äôve realized my dream of becoming a vegan chef!! I posted some information about Rouxbe¬†Cooking School¬†on this blog before but just wanted to share one last time and show you some amazing pics of the delicious meals I created! I had a really wonderful experience with Rouxbe¬†and highly recommend it for people who are serious […]

Spring Clean and Green Your Personal Care Products

I‚Äôve learned many things over the course of my career about the environment, hazardous chemicals and their effect on bodies. Now that I‚Äôm a coach I have the opportunity to share this important information and be of more assistance to my friends, family and community in general. Our skin is our largest organ and everything […]

Tofu Tacos!

This dish is fantastic!!! I had Tofu Tacos at Wahoo’s Tacos once and had to recreate it. I’ve also been served this great cabbage salsa at restaurants and wanted to find out what was in it. It is soooooo good (especially if you are a cabbage fan!).¬†The¬†salsa¬†was great on these tacos but is also great […]

Vegan Pesto Recipes

Happy Spring everyone!!! I am so excited that it’s here!! Soon farms, gardens and farmers markets here in Colorado will be¬†growing¬†and busy. I have some great posts planned that will help you maximize your seasonal and local produce. Too bad I don’t have time to share everything in my head!! But will do my best! […]

Vegan Fusion with Mark Reinfeld and a giveaway!!!

I had a really wonderful experience a few months ago… I attended a week-long¬†vegan and raw foods immersion with the¬†world-famous vegan chef, Mark Reinfeld. Mark is the co-founder of Vegan Fusion, a wonderful group that offers a wide range of vegan services. The class was amazing; I met great people, had¬†some very thought-provoking¬†philosophical discussions about […]